Daniel Island Garage Shelves: Accomplished

It isn’t hard to imagine the biting stress of a big move. Most of us have experienced it and it’s something that is best kept in the very foggiest areas of our memories. One could argue that the worst part of moving is trying to find adequate placement of your storage, especially if you’re downsizing. For one of our clients, the worry of fitting their two cars in the garage was very apparent. They were moving from a house with a basement to a new one without, and they feared that everything would end up in the garage. We assured them that we’d put their worries to rest with these Daniel Island garage shelves. The strongest (and best looking) on the market, these shelves have the capacity to get all of their storage off the floor and utilize as much space as possible. They’re incredibly strong as well because of their 1000 lb weight capacity per shelf. Daniel Island garage shelves aren’t the only item that can transform a garage. Consider the garage cabinets. Not only are they sleek and attractive, but they can safely hide storage you don’t want out in the open. They provide a streamlined look that will up the value on any home’s garage.

These photos prove how lovely a garage can look with a few improvements. Daniel Island garage shelves are one crucial key to keeping a garage uncluttered. Whether you have us install the shelving before you move in or after, our quick and easy installation will leave you feeling relieved and overjoyed. Here’s  a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This Daniel Island homeowner wanted to make the most of their space in their new home. Relocating from a home that had a basement, they were troubled that the garage would be a catch all for everything and unusable for parking their cars. We installed some cabinetry and Monkey Bars shelving to make the most of the beautiful garage and make it a part of their home that is welcoming.