Daniel Island Garage Shelving

We know some very avid golfers in the Daniel Island area. No matter your age, size, or shape, golfing seems to be a sport that just about anyone can start doing. If you want to become as good as this homeowner, it’ll take a lot of dedication and practice. We had the opportunity to help him find a solution with Daniel Island garage shelving.

When we arrived, equipment was strewed around the garage floor, taking up way too much space. It looked difficult to park in the garage without tripping over something when him and his family got out of the car. We could definitely see the concern he had, but we knew that our Daniel Island garage shelving could fix all of his problems.

We were able to install a rack that held his golf bags and clubs perfectly upright, off the floor. This allowed for easy access and storage, while opening up so much more space. Below you’ll see a golfer’s garage storage dream!

Along with the golf storage, we installed some Monkey Bars that allowed for clean storage on the top and bikes hanging from the bottom. Daniel Island garage shelving is the best solution for any cluttered garage.

See how much bigger the space is? That golf cart has no problem driving in and out, while there’s plenty of floor space to park another vehicle or two! If you’re even considering Daniel Island garage shelving, let this be motivation to get your garage in order!

Here’s a direct quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This Daniel Island homeowner is an avid golfer and needed a place to store his clubs as well as organize his garage. We designed a plan that allowed for him to have a great amount of organized storage, a workbench and an area just for his golfing equipment.