Daniel Island Garage Shelving System

There’s no place in a home that gets cluttered as easily as your garage. You start it as a place for storage your vehicle. A few months go by and you have a pile of tools, missing household items and your car is parked on the driveway. The simple answer to fix your cluttered garage is to call your Daniel Island garage shelving system experts!

Garage Solutions Charleston provides Daniel Island a garage shelving system that can’t be beat! Our unique shelving system allows you to create the most storage space in the least amount of room by using layers. We understand that the needs of Daniel Island garage shelving systems will change over time. That’s why we made sure our system is 100% adjustable; to satisfy any need. The monkey bar hooks and racks can easily slide along the bars and be placed at different heights.

Have you ever bought shelving system that you thought to be a great deal? A few months later you walk into your garage only to find that “great deal” decided to drop all of your belongings. Now you’re back in the store trying to find another “great deal”. Here at Garage Solutions Charleston, we can put your worries and doubts to rest with the lifetime warranty attached to every Daniel Island garage shelving system. We are so confident in our product that we willing give you a life time warranty. Why? First of all, our shelving system gives you your space back by getting everything off the floor. Hanging hooks are one way we declutter your messy floor. If you have high ceiling space we recommend using our wall mounted shelves. The average homeowner’s usable space is increased by 50%( 192 sq./ft) when using a garage shelving system from Garage Solutions Charleston. Secondly, our shelves are capable to hold up to 1,000 lbs per 4 feet.