Garage Shelving Mount Pleasant: Kayak Edition

You’ve probably heard about the only garage shelving Mount Pleasant needs, and this blog is here to show you real installs of the awesome products we offer. All of our customers have been more than pleased with the results.

In this post, you’ll see a somewhat small garage with the most optimized garage shelving Mount Pleasant could ask for. We were able to fit crazy amounts of storage in the space without hindering the ability to park a car or two in there. Now that’s optimization!

Some customers may think that they have to get rid of a whole bunch of valuable storage in order to make everything fit on the walls. But we truly make it possible to keep everything you own while using less space.

The thing with the best garage shelving Mount Pleasant can offer, is that it’s completely customizable to your individual needs. Consider the kayaker, the golfer, or even the occasional water skier. There is a shelf that can handle it all. We recently had the privilege of setting up a couple of kayak racks for a customer that had an over crowded garage. The large kayaks were taking up most of the floor space, and had the risk of getting scratched up and ruined on the bottom. So, all we had to do was install a couple of kayak racks to ensure that they were safely held above the floor and completely out of the way.

Here’s a quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This homeowner in Mount Pleasant had a large garage that was being crowded by 2 kayaks taking up a lot of floor space. We found a better location for them and this opened up a world of possibilities. Suddenly, a whole room could be utilized as a workshop and items that were taking up parking spaces were no longer an obstacle. A tremendous amount of shelving storage was made available, making this sizable garage even more functional. Up next, a great epoxy flooring to really make this a finished space.