Garage Storage John’s Island Folks Need

No Basement? No Problem!

Sometimes homeowners face a problem that can be a slightly difficult one to combat. They move into a house without a basement, and they’ve got too much storage for the size of their new home. It’s an understandable problem, especially when you previously had a nice storage room that was specifically made for your long-term items.

We’ve got the solution and it’s the garage storage John’s Island folks need. Instead of letting things pile up in a random room in the basement, why not try storing everything in the garage, but off the floor? Here’s the thing, you really have more room than you think you do. With the right garage shelving in place, you can double the room in your garage, and your entire home.

Here’s a quote from owner, Chris Cobb:

This John’s Island Homeowner was looking for a way to organize the items in a home he recently purchased. Having moved from a home that had a basement, he soon found that the only space he had for storage was his garage. After we consulted with him on how to best use the space he had available, we designed a plan to fit his needs.

All you need is the garage storage John’s Island can offer. The transformation is obvious to see in these before and after photos. Notice how high the shelves were installed. This is completely optimizing the amount of space in the garage. Those bins line up perfectly next to each other and allow so much storage to fit inside. Don’t worry about their strength either. These steel shelves can hold up to 1000 lbs. every 4 ft. They can hold bins of heavy materials and everything underneath will be completely fine. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty to ease your concerns. What are you waiting for? This garage storage in John’s Island is just a phone call away.