Garage Storage Systems Daniel Island

Has anyone ever said you have a “beautiful home”? Has anyone ever said you have a “gorgeous garage”? Most homeowners never hear the words “beautiful” and “garage” in the same sentence. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. In fact, the key to a gorgeous garage is simple when you implement one design: Garage Solutions Charleston’s garage storage systems in Daniel Island.

Off The Floor

Have you ever tried to place everything in a designated area and have it turn into another unorganized pile? No worries! Our trained professionals provide free garage organization when they install your new system.. Let us handle your mess by getting everything off the floor by using garage storage systems Daniel Island residents crave.

Strong & Flexible

Have you ever had a shelf break on you? Stop investing all your money on products that can’t withstand your items. Our shelving system can hold up to 1,000 pounds for every 4 feet and our overhead racks can withstand 750 pounds. We know that your needs will change over time. The design of our garage storage systems in Daniel Island have racks and hooks that can slide along the bars when needed. The height of the bars can easily be adjusted allowing you too store bikes, yard equipment, or anything else you need.

Industrial Strength Flooring

Garage storage systems in Daniel Island need everything off the floor to stay clean and organized. The best way to keep the floor spotless is by installing a beautiful epoxy garage floor. We can help you find the perfect color and style that matches a spotless new living space you can be proud of.