Garage Storage Walterboro: Trifecta!

Three Products for Perfection

If you had to choose three of our products to result in your perfect garage, what would they be? If you chose shelving, cabinets, and flooring, then you’ve got the mindset of a homeowner with garage storage in Walterboro. Each of these alone do wonders to a garage, but put all three together and you’ve got the recipe for perfection!


On our product pages, we explain why each is the best of the best. When it comes to shelving, we use our Monkey Bar Storage Systems which are ultra strong. Precision is key, and that’s why our shelving is installed evenly and durably. We don’t want any of your storage sliding off and breaking. The shelving itself can hold up to 1000 pounds every 4 feet, so you don’t need to worry about lack of strength. Plus, you can switch out the bars and hooks to accommodate your storage needs. Whether you have kayaks, soccer balls, or bikes, our shelving can handle it. This is your basic step to that garage storage Walterboro needs.


Want to know a quick and easy solution to hiding your storage? Cabinets of course! There is a variety of color options to choose from, but if you want a gorgeous finish to match the shelving, then the a graphite grey is the smartest way to go. It perfectly ties in the shelving and makes for a seamless look. Your neighbors will definitely think you’ve acquired an interior design eye.


Finally! The best way to finish off that space is by installing garage flooring. Not only is it durable and strong, but the look of the flooring is a definite wow factor.