Garage Systems Daniel Island Loves: Tried and True

They Can’t Get Enough

We’ve been finding so much success for garage systems in Daniel Island that residents are finally figuring out just how great our products are. Our shelving instantly transforms a seemingly boring space into a crisp, updated one.

What About a Kit?

We’ve had a few customers particularly frustrated with installing their own kits that they purchased online. While Monkey Bars offers some great DIY shelves on their site, there’s a lot less stress when a professional comes out and installs it for you. When we go to you, we’re able to completely customize your experience, and make sure you get the best products to fit your needs. You don’t need to worry about it being stable enough because we’re highly trained to make it as strong as possible. It really doesn’t matter if you have concrete, cement, cinderblock, or plaster walls, we’ll get it installed and strong for you. Whatever the case, we’ve got the garage systems Daniel Island folks are raving about.

Stability is Key

So we all know how sleek and modern our shelves look, but the utility of the product is what really matters. Our garage systems in Daniel Island hold up to 1000 pounds every 4 feet. If you want some durable shelving that will last you a lifetime, then you know exactly where to look. Check out this install we did this month:

Here is a direct quote from Owner, Chris Cobb:

This was a job that we installed for a homeowner that ordered a bunch of the D.I.Y. kits and then was overwhelmed by it all. I upgraded the shelving material to the 3/4 “ melamine and expanded on his original design. We maximized the available wall space.

We’ve Found SUCCESS

We later heard how pleased our customers were with the outcome. So pleased, in fact, that they sent us a video of the finished result!